The Regency Abroad: Behind the Scenes of “Lady Barbara & the Buccaneer”

LBB-11-6-Final-200While Jane Austen dissected English manners and morals, Napoleon of France was busting his bustier in a ferocious campaign to invade Great Britain.  Like a 19th-century Wile E. Coyote, he tried everything: barges, distractions, even balloonists.  Charisse Howard lifts the curtain on those British officers who were forever popping in and out of Austen’s novels:  Where were they going, and why?

Read the fascinating true story of how the British, French, Spanish, Americans, and a band of Louisiana buccaneers crossed swords in a Napoleonic War of the Worlds, on Charisse’s website: “The Regency Abroad: Behind the Scenes of Lady Barbara & the Buccaneer.