The Real Jonah Lehrer Problem (from

Tuesday, Jul 31, 2012 05:00 AM PDT

Jonah Lehrer throws it all away

Why does a “young genius” risk everything by making up quotes? A better question is why we coddle young male genius


“…Jonah Lehrer is part of a system that allows magazines, year after to year to publish men, and white men in particular, significantly more than women or people of color. He is part of a system where the 2012 National Magazine Awards have no women nominees in several key categories. He is part of a system where white editors belabor the delusion that there simply are few women or writers of color who are good enough for their magazines because said editors are too narrow in what they want, what they read, what they think, or just too lazy to work beyond their Rolodex of writers who look and think just like them.”