AUDIO ROMANCE – Charisse’s Regency Rakes & Rebels

3 hrs 37 min from a Barbary Coast sea battle to an English gentlemen’s duel

The whirlwind romance that swept Lady Caroline off her feet now sends her home from the Barbary Coast to London with her handsome husband. But their new life together is halted when their schooner is captured by the dreaded corsair Barbarossa. Is his target the Comte de Gilordeau or his rosy English bride? In a deadly game of disguise and deceit, the newlyweds’ worst nightmare becomes their best hope: Can Lady Caroline seduce Barbarossa into offering them for ransom? or will he sell her husband into slavery, and her to a pasha with a taste for blonde virgins?

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2 hr 37 min from a bayou buccaneers’ Mardi Gras to a London ballroom

Before she leaves Louisiana for London, Lady Barbara Poole slips out with her cousin Frank to celebrate Mardi Gras with “gentleman pirate” Jean Laffite and his band. But Frank sneaks off to gamble, and Barbara finds herself alone with a masked buccaneer. Who is this charming stranger? Through a wild night of revelry on Grand Isle he lights a torch in her heart. How can she refuse the bat-winged priest who unites them in a raucous impromptu marriage ceremony? But when she wakes on a pirate ship wearing a wedding ring, Barbara echoes Frank’s question: Was it all a dream?

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2 hrs 16 min to rescue the Earl’s kidnapped bride-to-be
2 hrs 16 min to rescue the Earl’s kidnapped bride-to-be

In one week, Lady Annabelle Chatfield will marry the Earl of Brackenbury to save her desperate family. But oh, if her brother Stephen had to die in debt, couldn’t he have picked a younger, handsomer creditor? Annabelle soon regrets her selfish wish, when a ruthless stranger climbs into her chamber at midnight and carries her off. Thus begins a nightmare which will blossom into romance and adventure, turning Annabelle from a girl into a woman and changing her life forever.

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