Celebrate the Lusty Month of May with “Lady Annabelle” the Audiobook

LAA-audio-240by Charisse Howard

Have you wanted to try an audiobook, but you’re not sure you’ll like it?  Does the 6-12 hour length and $15+ price of a novel sound like too big an investment?

Try Lady Annabelle’s Abduction!

What better way to tickle your ears and your heart than this spicy, suspenseful romance novella?  That’s why Boom-Books is kicking off the Lusty Month of May and its new audiobooks line with Lady Annabelle’s Abduction, #1 in my Regency Rakes & Rebels series.

Think of it as a movie you can watch in your head.  At 2 hours and 16 minutes, Lady Annabelle’s Abduction is the perfect length for doing chores or commuting to work, shopping or exercising, knitting or quilting or gardening . . .  And at $6.95, it’s cheaper than a movie!

Launch your own Lusty Month of May lustymonthwith Lady Annabelle’s Abduction, available now on Audible or iTunes — or on Amazon, where you can also pick up the e-book for just 99 cents.

Tra la!  It’s May!