What a great night!

watching dress rehearsal

How can this possibly work? Why didn’t I choose some other career? Should I warn all these nice people walking in the door to go home? you wonder an hour before show time. Then the audience is seated, lights rise on the stage, and–mysteriously, magically–it’s wonderful! Laughs! Tears! Applause! Flowers! & you wish you could do it all over again.

Thanks to all who supported Centenary Stage Company’s reading of my play “Spin, or Twilight of the Bohemians,” especially the actors, crew, and unsung staff who made it happen. This past week has been a marvelous adventure!


2 thoughts on “What a great night!

  1. Carol,
    I have discovered your blog! It was an honor to be a small part of the reading last night of your play. Last night it really came alive- especially the wonderful and poignant monologues of Mimi and Quinn. What a great pair of characters- so beautifully entwined. I hope to see the play get a full production.

    Will Rothfuss

    1. Will, thanks so much for lending your acting expertise, & also your design insight, to Spin, or Twilight of the Bohemians. And congrats on 3Penny — it was great to see the kids’ enthusiasm & talent — wish I could watch the production! Carol

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