Pelican Dreams – compelling new film from Judy Irving

PelicanDreamsposterby CJ Verburg

If you’ve ever watched a pelican fly, or dive for fish, or simply sit on a post contemplating the world, don’t miss this fascinating new 80-minute documentary from the filmmaker who gave us The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.

Here’s the latest news from Judy Irving:

“Pelican Dreams” is winding up its 100-city national theatrical run this month. The long-awaited DVD will be released April 7th, and as of today you can order it here:

Along with the 80-minute feature movie, the DVD contains an 
additional 80 minutes of Extras and Bonus Features, including an update on Morro the Pelican, a sequence that explains how pelicans can fly so close to the water without falling in (!), and a behind-the-scenes visit to composer Bruce Kaphan’s recording studio.

Judy adds: “If you’d like me to sign/inscribe the DVD, please specify wording when you place your order. Happy Earth Day!”

I’ve seen three versions of Pelican Dreams and marveled each time at the beauty and insight of this close-up portrait of a species, with particular focus on two birds that Judy got to know personally (as you might say). At its San Francisco premiere at the Balboa Theatre, I wasn’t the only viewer who floated out happily seeing the nearby ocean–and the pelicans whose life centers there–with fresh eyes.