Marketing is the tail that wags the dog — but don’t forget the dog!

Indie author/publisher Barbara Freethy has just become the first to sell over a million copies of her books on PubIt, Barnes & Noble’s e-outlet.  That’s AFTER she sold over a million on Amazon!

Naturally everybody wants to know how she did it.

First, she picked a bottomless market: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense.

Second, she focuses first and foremost on writing.  Her comments support my suspicion that sometimes social media do more to reassure us we’re working hard on our books’ behalf than to actually sell those books:

“I honestly think writing the next book is a more important and a better use of your time than investing too many hours or too many dollars into promotion.”

Yes, people can’t buy your books if they don’t know they’re out there.  But which draws more attention?  your Tweet reminding folks of your wonderful oeuvre, or your publication announcement for a brand-new opus?