even Google loves Gorey!

A tip of my tulle-trimmed bowler to Google for their Amphigoreyesque 2/22 Google Doodle honoring the brilliantly crepuscular artist and genius Edward Gorey!

meReneeMargotSmallAnd another hat-tip to actress/author Renee Gibbons and actress/director Margot Breier for their dramatic readings at Edward’s posthumous 88th birthday party at San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum on Friday night.  Many thanks to all who attended, and especially Heather Plunkett and her squadron of interns who made it happen!  Also to photographer Michael Starkman, who kindly pitched in to help us record this festive event.


2 thoughts on “even Google loves Gorey!

  1. Google’s Gorey fanart actually inspired my comment about Edward Gorey on my blog which you commented upon. He’s a great inspiration for dark humor.

    If you ever want to tell the story behind your cover of Croaked, I’d be happy to listen in awe!

  2. Yes, wasn’t that a cool move from Google!

    The plot that grew into “Croaked: an Edgar Rowdey Cape Cod Mystery” first hatched over lunch with Edward Gorey at our favorite local hangout, so when I had to finish it without him, I wove in plenty of memories. That included the Eggplant Frog, which he drew in various poses for the “entertainments” that story popped up in (details in “Edward Gorey On Stage”)–the core inspiration for designer Barb Oplinger’s award-winning “Croaked” cover.

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